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Developer's Diary #77

Developer's Diary #77

Mar 16, 2021

Hi folks!

I hope you liked the latest PREVIEW build. Last week I delved into Unity's new rigging system and it seems amazing! I can now animate characters directly inside Unity editor instead of exporting it from Blender, which makes the workflow a little easier.

I'm now porting the trophy system because it's the last item I wanna have into the game before making the first RELEASE build. This game won't be as linear as GRH, so it won't be feasible to always add the "continue next version" message. Hence the early need of a trophy system, so you can check if you found all content in the current build.

I'm planning to post this RELEASE build by the weekend. If you have been following all PREVIEW builds, there won't be lots of new content: just a little follow up for Brooke's drone quest and a scene of the main quest. But it's important to have this RELEASE for those who are waiting!

See you soon!


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