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Yeah, I'm fresh out of April Fool's Day ...

Yeah, I'm fresh out of April Fool's Day Jokes

Apr 01, 2021

It's not that I don't have a sense of humor or that I can't think of anything that would be funny, it's just that I HAVE gotten much older and we are freshly coming out of, or in some cases still dealing with, a pretty serious time in human existence and today just doesn't feel much like a joking day. I have witnessed a few pranks already and they were tastefully done and did make me laugh, so in no way am I saying I would be inappropriate, just maybe something I don't need to be doing at the moment.

I am glad, though, to see at least some of the panic die down and things try to get back to normal in some places. There are always those that will swear you shouldn't do this or do that, but I'm okay with them hiding when caution is called for instead, and being afraid to live their life because somethin bad MIGHT happen. They're right, something bad might happen, AND it might not. Just live your life people. Life is too short to be afraid to live it. Take precautions, don't do anything foolish, but don't judge me for the degree of caution I observe. After all, life is short and I want to live mine, too.

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