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Wow, I missed a week.

Wow, I missed a week.

Mar 06, 2021

Okay, not posting for a week or so, was not intentional, I just didn't follow through with the thought process very well. I did think about posting, and have logged on, but realized later that I got sidetracked. Hmmm, me getting sidetracked, yeah, that's never happened.

As most of the country thaws from a recent turn of inclement weather, I have to feel lucky that I live in a climate where the power stays on and the weather stays favorable an overwhelming amount of the time. Don't get me wrong, I love snow, and I enjoy the sound of rain as I sleep, I just don't want to experience that all of the time. It's bad enough being inside most of the time because of my job and my hobbies, I don't need the weather to be another controlling factor.

Unfortunately when I write a blog like this its more for clearing my own mind and there is no true goal I am trying to accomplish, but I do have other outlets for the prevailing aspects of my life and occasionally, some times I just like to write. There will be relevant content in this forum, I just can't promise when or where it will happen. Feel free to ask my thoughts on pretty much any subject, though, if there is something I should be writing about. Subjects to stay away from are things like Politics and Religion, I don't judge anyone on their beliefs and I won't give anyone material to try to use as fodder for any reason. By no means does that mean I don't have an opinion, I just don't feel a public forum is a way to express my beliefs or thoughts.

Anyway, as most people that are likely to be reading this are starting to thaw out, stop reading and go outside! Seriously, go out and enjoy life, we have found out over the last year that it can be taken away way too quickly and it needs to be treasured.

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