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Worrying about the little things....

Worrying about the little things....

Mar 10, 2023

Most of us at one time or another has found themselves worrying about stuff we just don't have any control over. Or worrying about something we can't figure out or take care of, say until the next morning, or when we speak to an individual again. We let things we have no control over occupy our time and keep us from enjoying our life, or make decisions based on things that may never happen, or keep us from doing things we want to do. Our days and hours get taken up by worrying about all of thsese little things that don't even have a real impact on our life.

Then we get hit with something major, that has a huge impact on our life. We still technically can't do anything about that situation, but we end up forgetting about the smaller things that can't control to worry about the big one. The small stuff is still there, and we've just proven to ourself that it isn't of any real consequence, but as soon as the big thing passes, we worry about all of the stuff that doesn't matter again. Is it that we just have to have something to be concerned about? Does worry drive us in some way? Is that some how a bigger motivator than simply wanting to take care of something that would help us have more control of those things?

An example may be worrying about what someone thinks of you, when they don't know you well enough to actually have an honest opinion. Why do we feel the need to spend our time on something we have no control over. For all we know that person might not have any opinion of us at all, because they aren't worried about the small stuff, but what we imagine they think drives us in a way that can only add stress.

We've all had that person that has told us not to worry about the small stuff. I think sometimes we get a little confused with that advice because if we ignore little things, they become big things, and we absolutely have to concern ourselves with the little things when we are doing our jobs, BUT, and this is a big but.... Might that advice be best taken for not worrying about the small nagging things taking up all of our time and effort that we just can't do anything about? We'd probably find ourselves being a lot happier. I don't know. Just a thought.

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