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Vacations can be fun

Vacations can be fun

Sep 09, 2022

I knew I had to start thinking about taking some leave time when I got an email from H.R. telling me they give me leave days so I can take them. I immediate made arrangements to take a day of leave (only a single day) to take care of some things in preparation to buy the house. I then thought it best to start looking at other days on the calendar to plan a bit of a vacation. I settled on the week following Labor day because I could take four days and essentially get nine days off. I thought it wasn't a bad plan if I could pull it off.

As it got closer, it wasn't going to work out and started thinking of past employers that would think of ways to ruin my leave time, and had to remind myself that the company I work for has never done that to me; they have always been good to me. It did linger in the back of my mind though, and as time approached there were work projects that spilled over, and things I ended up having to be in town for up until Tuesday, (several days into my 'vacation'). But, as Tuesday came and things got dealt with, it was time to actually begin my respite and one of my favorite things to do to relax, drive.

I have been lucky enough to travel all over this country, and others, and although I do like to fly, I love to drive. I've quite literally driven all over this country, including several trips back and forth across, all over the Western states, Southern states, parts of the Midwest and East Coast, and there are just some places you would never no existed if you didn't reach them by road. Whether its an interstate highway, or a small county road, you can't find them by any other means. Spending hours behind the wheel can be a bit of a chore, but for me, there is almost no better way to decompress and let everything fade away.

A quick stop overnight in Ocala, FL and off to Atlanta and Micro Center I went. I was able to finally get a chance to look around, and touch and feel what was on the shelves, instead of scrolling through webpages trying to figure out the dimensions, or what accessories come with something. We've lost a lot of that and quite frankly, it happened before covid came. We've turned into a society that wants everything now, but we aren't willing to make an effort to get it, we tap a button or two and wait for it to be delivered. There is something to be said for touch and feel and involving more senses that just sight. Lost is the 'Act of Discovery' and there are things we may find that don't show up or occur to us when we are web browsing. In any case, it was great to look around and enjoy the surroundings, and I look forward to the next time.

Next stop was going to eat at one of my favorite places ever, and a place I haven't been able to visit since moving back to Florida. It's good food, and while it may not be the best ever, it's definitely good and a part of my adulthood that is as ingrained as anything else in my life, and arguably more important than many others. When you are a young adult and start experiencing things, some things stick with you and always bring you back to that point, especially when its a great experience and revisiting is every bit as good as you remember, (actually, probably better). Growing up, and getting older make make me a bit nostalgic, but the Taco Stand is real, and even the mature (he he), adult me, thinks it's great food.

Computer parts and visits with dear friends aside, it was time to drive back the next day which brings me here, writing this. My leave isn't over, but my vacation is. I have domestic things to take care of when I get home and a few days to relax and take in the short, but needed, trip before I get back to life on Monday. I also have videos to make and go back with several parts that will make their way into a couple of different builds. Some parts of the fun are just beginning.

It was needed, it was enjoyed, it was just the right amount of time to spend doing it, and now it's back to real life. Don't forget to enjoy life folks, we only get to do it for so long.

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