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So, now I have two blogs.

So, now I have two blogs.

Mar 19, 2023

I know that sounds very bad, especially because I can't manage to keep up with one, but I took a bit of time to consider some things and have developed a bit of a strategy. This blog will be the non tech blog, and that won't change, but I've opted to create a tech blog to compliment the YT channel and give some more insight and explanation to the videos. It will be on the website at .

I struggled when this blog was created to find a direction for it, and have waivered back and forth about what to do and what to write, but there should be able to be a bit more focus now. Of course, I run the risk again of trying to extend myself, and find myself unmotivated a few months down the line. I imagine during this entire process, there will continue to be quite a bit of change, learning, set backs, and the occasisonally epiphany, but hopefully it will still all move forward. It will all be worth it if things keep moving in a positive direction. Its been a few years now with the YouTube channel now, and I can't see giving up on any of it, but I hope that as I figure things out, there will be less I have to experiment with.

I think I'm actually looking forward to moving forward with the idea. It gives me different things to focus on without confusion. It should help in keeping up with this, and there will be more than enough to write about in the tech blog. My only issue now is to make sure I can properly kick off the Gaming YT channel. I started out with a decent idea, but I struggled with it like I did with this blog. I know I can make everything work if I push through, but I'd rather be enjoying what I do, and not consider it a struggle. I have a strategy for the gaming channel as well, but that's a different entry. It'll be soon, so there won't be long to wait, so I may as well get started.

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