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Normal? Okay, that may have been stretch ...

Normal? Okay, that may have been stretching it.

May 14, 2022

I certainly didn't mean to ignore this blog for over a month, but things have been moving very quickly and each time I think 'I need to write something there', another distraction pops up. I am buying a house. The offer is in, it's been accepted, and all of the ducks are starting to get in a row. It will be my first home and it just feels right. Yes, I know along with that will come maintenance and yardwork and my taxes get more complicated, but I will be putting money toward something that is mine instead of paying someone to let me live there.

It has room for an office and a nice screened on porch with a deck outside, and is overall, just relaxing. That doesn't mean I won't find plenty of headaches living there and question my sanity, but it's big enough, and in an area where I can just concentrate on being at piece, and enjoying the experience. A fenced in back yard means my favorite pet can come visit and enjoy the place and the neighborhood seems pretty much ideal for what I need. And, I can hang something or paint a wall without having to worry about the complex thinks about what I've done.

It's been a very busy couple of weeks with looking, making an offer and getting pre-approved, and I know the dust won't settle for at least a few more weeks, but man, what I ride this is. I look forward to spending my first night in the new place, setting up my office and pretty much sharing the experience as I go. So, please be patient, wish me luck, and stay tuned, because it looks like the ride is just about to begin.

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