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Much easier

Much easier

Mar 22, 2023

Finally, there is a bit more focus and I can concentrate on the areas that need it. Or maybe I should say, my focus will be in the areas that need it. I'm not sure if trying to be gramatically correct changes the meaning, or even if it is gramatically correct, but I'm already getting sidetracked.

I promised myself I would keep up with the writing more effectively, so when I ran into issues upgrading parts in a PC, I went straight to the tech blog I now keep, and let fly. Nice. I have an outlet I can work things through and maybe, just maybe, someone else will get something out of it.

I know everything won't be that simple, but previously, I had to filter what I felt needed to go in here, and there was usually a hesitation, because what I wanted to write about didn't fit. I would tell myself there was always tomorrow, and then tomorrow would slip away, and nothing would get written. I then would feel the mood had already passed and there was no sense going back to 're-create' something, and it gradually fell by the wayside. Yeah, not productive.

I don't know how long the 'good times' will roll, but there is a little more satisfaction in getting the right pieces to fit in the puzzle. So, as we get closer to figuring things out, I'm expecting it to get a bit easier. Of course, the wild card in all of this, is the move for many of us to go back working in an office, which I don't think I mind, but it does eat into some of what used to be extra free time. Time I could have used on number of projects.

I wrote earlier about focus. Yeah, that will be important to keep, as I get used to all of the smaller changes. It may work out great, but it also it may feel like I am being sliced by a thousand tiny papercuts. I have no way of trying to predict which. The only way to find out is to plow forward, and be all-in on the idea.

I'm not sure if there is a measurement for commitment, or if you have to wait until you actually have results, but in many cases the degree to which you get results is also important. On the YouTube channel, I remember cutting a recurring theme, because even though the viewership was steady, it wasn't helping anything grow. I got to where, during one stretch, it was all I was posting, and it was unproductive. Live and learn.

So, with the frustrations of the past day or two behind me, and having a place to air those out, I am more relaxed when trying to write in here. For better or for worse. I guess we'll find out together.

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