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It's only a little cold, right?

It's only a little cold, right?

Feb 19, 2021

I guess we could be talking about pretty much anything as far as that is concerned. Much of North America right now is either digging out of snow and ice or braving freezing temperatures the worst seen in some areas in over a hundred years. Living in Florida, I can only empathize having lived in colder climes and opting to move to much warmer ones. Yes, I do run the risk of an occasional hurricane, but I have a feeling many people on the continent would settle for a gold ole cat 1 right now. (For a Category 1 most people don't even break down their lawn furniture, or bring the grill indoors.)

I hope everyone manages to find a way through the power outages and covid response (whether testing or vaccinating), and everyone can get back to what we are discovering as some type of the new normal. And as we wrap op February, I can only give a few words of encouragement to all.......I'm sorry, what was that? It's only just past the halfway point in Feb, and we still have another week and a half? Oh, never mind, Ya'll are on your own!

Someone let me know when February is over okay..........

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