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Launched A Scented Candle Business

Launched A Scented Candle Business

Nov 27, 2021

Hello everyone, its been a long time I have been here but surely I do know that I have a forum here and obviously drinking coffee has its own benefits. Let me begin by saying compliments of the season and how are you all getting ready to get gifts for your loved ones.

I have something to share with you all, I launched my small business a couple of months ago and it has kept me quite busy on the side while I am in my final year of studying nursing. I have launched a few businesses in the past but I am most passionate about this candle making business that I launched reason being that I know everything that goes into making a candle I make and sell, from selecting the wax, wicks, fragrance oil and then the joy of hand pouring it in my own kitchen which makes it a much loved product contributes to me being passionate about it.

I currently have 3 all year round fragrance candles which includes reed diffusers and car hanging diffusers, I have 3 awesome Christmas candles right now which is idea as a Christmas present which are: Fireside, Gingerbread and White Xmas. I also have 7 Christmas scented wax melts which will give you 16hrs of hot throw with just a snap of the bar.

Since we are all shopping for our loved ones gifting the gift of candle signifies a happy mood, brings back joyful memories, and gives an awakening sense of calm and further input of light into a life.

You can shop all of our products now on my website and use code: FESTIVE to get free delivery of order £40 and over.

Shop at:

Happy shopping. xoxoxo

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