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FAQs and Terms (Custom Portraits)

FAQs and Terms (Custom Portraits)

Dec 16, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions and Topics

Turnaround time

How long does it take for me to receive my portrait(s)?

  • Briefing and sketching stage takes about 5-10 days. This is entirely dependent on the size and complexity of your request.

  • Colouring and finalising will take another 5-10 days.

  • Therefore, the total turnaround time, excluding revisions, could range from 10-20 days or 1.5 - 3 weeks.

Will Draw's and Won't Draw's (basically the limit of what I can do)

My area of expertise is drawing people in everyday situations, so my portraits will look like people just as they are in family photos, selfies, and photographs taken of them.

  • Will draw - ✅ basic outfits, accessories, and garments ✅ handheld objects like books, coffee cups, flowers, sporting items, etc. ✅ basic standing and sitting poses only

  • Won't draw - ❌ complicated outfits, accessories, garments, objects (e.g. draw the person as a fairy, in a ball gown or riding a vehicle) ❌ animals ❌ mechanical objects

  • I will ONLY DRAW in the style shown here and will not be able to replicate the style of another artist for you.

Pricing and Payment

  • Headshot (drawing of a person from head to shoulders) = $20 USD

  • Waist = $30 USD

  • Full Body = $40 USD

  • I’m based in Sydney, Australia but all my prices here are in USD to cater to my international audience. Payment method would be via credit/debit card.

  • As of the 18th of December, the only portraits available on my Extras tab are headshots.

  • To purchase: multiply the number of people you want me to draw by the price shown above (drawing of 4 people, full body, would be 4 times $40 for a total of $160). Go to this link > enter the total price calculated > click ‘Get this!’ > make sure to let me know how many people I'm drawing for in your email.

  • I can draw multiple people in a single frame or separately on their own frame. There is no cost difference.

Rush orders

What if I need to get my portrait sooner?

  • I can only accept rush orders for Headshot Portraits (people drawn from head to shoulders). Instead of $20 per person, it will now cost $30.

  • Instead of the standard 10-20 days, I'll try to complete rush orders in 5-10 days.

  • The simpler the request, the faster I can complete it.

  • For Christmas orders, I offer rush orders for no extra cost as long as you place your order by the 19th!

Extra elements

I'd like to add some extra elements to the illustration to make it more personal (for example, drawing the person as a fantasy character or riding a vehicle) - can you do it?

  •  The custom portraits I offer are limited to illustrations of people in everyday situations, so complex requests like the one above may not be accommodated.

  • Simple elements such as small accessories, jewelry, and clothing, on the other hand, can be added for free (e.g. eyeglasses, earrings, necklace, scarves).

  • Larger elements, such as handheld objects (e.g., books, toys, coffee cup, flowers, sports equipment), can be added for an additional fee.

  • Texts (e.g. name, greeting, short quotes) and skin marks (e.g. moles, freckles, pigmentation) can be requested for free.


  • During the sketching stage, you have an unlimited number of revisions until you are satisfied. Please keep in mind that this lengthens the turnaround time.

  • You may only request one minor revision after I finish the portrait (e.g. changing colours of skin, hair, clothes and adding simple accessories like eyeglasses, etc.)

  • Major revisions, as well as any other revisions made after this stage, will incur additional fees.

  • We'll talk about your revision request, and I'll quote you a price. If we agree on a price, you can pay for it by selecting 'Portrait Add-on: Revision' from my Extras and entering our agreed-upon amount.


I changed my mind and want my money back.

  • If I haven't started working on your portrait yet, I will give you a FULL refund via Buy Me a Coffee. This includes me canceling your order due to your request falling outside my area of expertise - see first topic above.

  • I may also be able to issue a full refund ONLY if I was still in the sketching stage and I haven't shown you any copy yet (for copyright reasons).

  • Other than the scenarios listed above, I am unable to issue a refund due to the digital nature of the product.

  • Once your order has been cancelled, I will discard the photos and any other private information you have sent me.

Sizing, Colour, Format...and Prints?

  • Size - A4 digital canvas by default, but any reasonable size can be requested.

  • Background - By default, I use plain colours in white, cream, OR beige. You can, however, request a specific colour.

  • Technicalities - 300 DPI and RGB colour profile for best results when printed.

  • I can provide either or both PNG/JPEG format, but no transparent PNGs.

  • Digital copies only!

Children and pets

Can you include babies, children, and/or pets in the portraits?

  • Babies and children - yes ✅

  • Price would be the same as adults unless your baby requires very minimal details in which case you can pay 25% less for them - please calculate this price when placing your order and then notify me via email/DM.

  • Pets - unfortunately, I cannot cater to this at the moment ❌

Terms of my Service

Please read the following CAREFULLY.

As the ARTIST, I reserve the rights to:

  1. Include the illustrations in my portfolios and post it online as sample works UNLESS otherwise requested by you.

  2. Include my signature in the artwork as I still retain full copyrights even after the order has been completed.

  3. Cancel any orders that fall outside my area of expertise. I will provide a FULL refund for this. To avoid this, please make sure to read my Will Draw's and Won't Draw's above.

As the CLIENT, you are allowed to:

  1. Print the artwork and display it at home or any private spaces.

  2. Post the artwork on social media and/or use it as a profile photo.

  3. Send or print as gifts to anyone - please do not remove my signature as I still retain full copyright of the works.

  4. Please note that in all of these scenarios, proper credit must be given to me, Tesmeri, as the artist. I would really appreciate a tag if you decide to post on IG or FB - I'm @tesmeri_creates and @tesmeri.creates, respectively.

There are, however, some constraints - you are NOT permitted to:

  1. Claim the artwork as your own - this includes repurposing it by editing and then claiming the edited work as your own.

  2. Use the artwork commercially - meaning you can't reproduce, sell, or use for promotional purposes.

  3. Remove my signature or alter the artwork in any shape or form.

Ready to order? 🤔 Click here!

Edited on Dec 18, 2021 - added pricing information and changed turnaround time.

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