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Thrown under an unmarked bus

Thrown under an unmarked bus

Jun 16, 2021

pennies will keep dropping as the weeks go by

An idiot wind blowing obvious lies

It’ll all blow over soon.

So tell me what’s next

Is it time to burn books yet?

The most insincere down on Downing Street

Well dressed frauds and cancerous meat

The failures are legion 

They don’t understand 

We go as far as we can

Show me your hands

Don’t make a fuss

A knee on the neck 

Can’t take out all of us

Don’t cry for your mum

You can’t resist us

Scream thy last scream

Thrown under an unmarked bus

We don’t have a hip image to sell

We’ve torched the hand basket 

We’re already in hell

You’ve wasted lives

I won’t let you waste mine

Or give you one more dime

Busy giddy minds and foreign quarrels

Fucked up the arse fucked right over the barrel

This is not what we ordered

So it’s fascism then?

Can we send this lot back again?

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