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Beneath An Awakening Sky

Beneath An Awakening Sky

May 04, 2021

I want to know everything

You think you saw up there

So high above the damage done

And no one left to care

(I was falling through water

Swimming up through sky

Ilmatar held on my empty hand

Ilmarinen whispered lies)

What has become of me?

Why am I still here

(A land laid to waste)

Among the living

on a planet

(we crushed in our haste)

(You have no real answers now

Though you see yourself as king

Your mouth is full of pretty words

You haven’t said a thing)

I came searching for revenge

To heal my broken heart

To make them suffer like my queen

I’ve torn myself apart

(You came looking for revenge

A wise and noble king

You lost your throne and lost your queen

And never learned a thing)

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