"Mobeel" - behind the scenes.

"Mobeel" - behind the scenes.

Apr 13, 2022

On Wednesday I got to do a creative photoshoots with one of my best friends Alyse As and her friend photographer Jason Huff. I was looking forward to get with like minded individuals and create some magic and that's exactly what happened that night. All 3 of us agreed that the best time to shoot are evenings during week days. I arrived to Jason's home studio after 8pm. As expected I was not disappointed at all. Alyse and Jason built this fascinating art instalation constructed from mirrors, glass, swirls and discoballs hanging from the ceiling. All this on black backdrop with UV lights. To says the images look out of this world would be an understatement. Alchemy at It's best, all this topped with handmade outfits by me and a cloak handpainted by Johnathon Michael Espinoza. Oh, and have I mentioned that pets where presented at the studio? Sweet dog and a gorgeous fluffy cat. I wish every photoshoot came with a cat. 😻😼 Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the behind the scenes pictures.

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