WordPress as a no-code tool

WordPress as a no-code tool

Mar 30, 2021

Would you be surprised if I think of WordPress as a no-code platform?

WordPress has all of these features in one setup:

  1. Open-source license (GPLv2)

  2. CMS/Blog (duh)

  3. Authentication & Authorization built-in

  4. Security using WordFence plugin

  5. Configurable themes

  6. Decent WYSIWYG plugins like Elementor

  7. Possible ecommerce extension using WooCommerce

  8. Possible forum/community extension using BBPress

  9. Literally thousands of other plugins (integrations) to extend functionality

The WordPress ecosystem is perfect for most common startup use-cases out there.

Best of all, the price is insignificant - 1 year domain + hosting only cost < $50 and decent WP developers/engineers usually have $500-$2000 starter package.

Some software engineers scoff and minimize WordPress because they don’t understand why people wouldn’t just throw $$$$$$ into a fully customized MVP software that takes months to build in which we don’t even know if customers want it or not…..

They’d say “Because everything needs to be build in React and Go and hell do I care if you don’t have the money to build it that way - not my problem. If you don’t have fund don’t even bother building a company $%^*&”

Take it from me - it’s totally worth it to look at WordPress as an no-code MVP to test your market. Once you achieve your product-market fit, then you can do your React/Python/Go stack in full glory and hire that Rockstar engineer.


Read about WordPress as an MVP and take some time to understand WordPress features that may be useful for your startup.

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