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Ok fine you (kinda) win. πŸ˜… It's TWAdri: ...

Ok fine you (kinda) win. πŸ˜… It's TWAdri: SEASON 2

Apr 29, 2023

It seems as though my initial post saying "I'm quitting streaming" was taken a bit too literally. It was probably a bit tl;dr. But, I never meant completely stopping. I just need a break, to redirect my energy into getting my life a bit more in order.

But also, all of your kind messages over the past 48hrs had me thinking about how hard it would be to let the community go for ANY period of time right now. β™₯

So here's what's going to happen. *Cue Storytime Sunday*

The way I wanted this community designed is based on the early days of Yes Theory. It first started as an idea to just talk to people. Then I started sharing my story. Then I saw others had a similar story. Now we're... a thing.

We started as a stream, but it is more than a stream. It's a community.

So, we don't end when I don't stream.

Streams will be less frequent than before, but the Communi-Tea will continue into a new season: arguably a closer, more intimate one.

SEASON 2 of TWAdri:

For Season 2, Discord will be our home base instead of Twitch, and more in YOUR hands! Plus, I will continue to be active on alllll the socials. This is the idea:

  • More blogs from me (a bonus for the White Tier Members!). My writings will get even more raw and real as I navigate my current life transitions. πŸ“”

  • New Merch, especially for Mental Health Awareness month! (In May, we wear green. πŸ’š)

  • Voice Memos from me via BMAC, or with another platform! Just talking through my thoughts or "This is just a reminder that you're amazing and you got this!" memos 😊

  • Regular Voice Chats on Discord that can be led by anyone in the Communi-Tea! πŸ—£οΈ Daily Affirmations anyone? Funny philosophical questions chat? (Is water wet?!) ❗Lmk if you're interested in leading a voice chat!

  • An already expanding Wishlist, where you can contribute in even more ways that benefit the whole Communi-tea ✨

  • Challenges of the Week, still! You'll find them on Discord. Grab your challenge accountability buddy now!! πŸ’ͺ

  • Streaming on this month πŸ’œ Follow me there now if you want to get notification of the first mental health streamer ever on Kick (or at least #2 on all of Kick πŸ˜‰)

...I'm still pretty ambitious, aren't I?

I already see us sharing more stories more regularly, seeing how this community is OURS, not mine. I see it expanding, you inviting your friends... Before you know it, you'll slowly see the transition into Season 3: all of the above, PLUS streaming as before with new, fresh energy.

We started as a stream that became a community. Eventually, we can become a movement.

Our supportive, loving, and childish-- I mean, childlike community will be unlike any other community a streaming platform has ever seen. 😁

So glad you're here. Tea you soon,

Adri & Kaukau β™₯

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