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🌈Rainbow Candy🍬 - Taste the Rainbow

🌈Rainbow Candy🍬 - Taste the Rainbow

May 04, 2024

Hello everyone! Apologies for the slight delay in this update—I've been dedicating a good chunk of my week to applying for various Parks & Recreation positions in the area. I'm on the lookout for an opportunity that allows me to spend more time outdoors and interact with more people during the day, as there's only so much cleaning one can do at home before it loses its charm 😂.

To kick things off, I'll dive straight into the recipe, saving the historical backdrop and the series of events leading to its creation for later. This might just be the simplest recipe I've ever shared, yet it's remarkably effective. There's a common misconception in the DIY community that complexity is synonymous with quality, but my experience has taught me otherwise. With the right ingredients in the correct proportions, crafting a beloved concoction is not only possible but straightforward.

🌈 Rainbow Candy Recipe 🍬

Now Available on AlltheFlavors.

  • (WF) Strawberry Gummy Candy: 7% - This flavoring really is our base, imagine biting into a skittle without the flavored shell. That sweet & fruity white core.

  • (CSL) Rainbow Candy: 7% - This is our top note, it's what tells you that this is a skittle.

  • (CAP) Super Sweet: 0.5% - Just to sweeten things up since this is a candy.

  • Recommended PG/VG for Pods: 63% VG / 37% PG

For those planning to make Rainbow Candy at home, the label templates are available for download in the "Extras" section on my platform, accessible here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/tbdliquids/extras

I've been hesitant to upload additional designs as the response to the mango label files has been quite muted—no purchases or comments on the recent post I made earlier this week about label uploads. I'm eager to hear your thoughts on these; perhaps the pricing isn't quite right? While the revenue isn't my primary concern—I'm mainly just looking to fund a new lawnmower purchase—your feedback is invaluable. It helps me understand your preferences and interests, so please share your thoughts and let me know what you'd like to see more of!

Background: Where Did 🌈Candy Come From?

As I delved into the depths of my old Google Docs from 2019, I aimed to piece together the puzzle of that period, particularly how the concept of Rainbow Candy emerged. The early summer Memorial Day Sale marked a pivotal moment for us, serving as the launchpad for our brand's evolution and the introduction of the Caliburn. It was during this time that we unveiled the first wave of our "Handcrafted" line, featuring Blueberry Muffin, Monkey Juice, and Cereal Fiend. Despite my high hopes, the reception was underwhelming; Blueberry Muffin and Cereal Fiend were criticized for their lack of flavor, while Monkey Juice was unfavorably compared to "Peanut Butter". The setback was disheartening, yet it illuminated the steep learning curve I faced in crafting "pod juice". Motivated to expand our flavor palette, I sought out new essences from Wonder Flavours & Vape Train. Despite the initial flavors' lukewarm reception, the Caliburn and its pods gained popularity, fueling my optimism. I was convinced that with a refined flavor lineup, our new "Handcrafted" line would truly flourish.

Undeterred by the setbacks and driven by a creative fervor, that summer turned out to be an exhilarating whirlwind for me. Secluded in our quaint little shop, I found myself immersed in hundreds of flavorings, dreaming up a kaleidoscope of ideas and flavors. My mission was clear: to reimagine and refine the essence of Blueberry Muffin, Cereal Fiend, and Monkey Juice, and then to master as many innovative recipes as possible in anticipation of the bustling sale season set to begin in late October.

Here's a glimpse into the shop's appearance during that period:

Alongside working on all these new flavors, I also wanted to redesign our Handcrafted labels.

This was my initial concept for the new labels I envisioned, aiming to maximize the use of vertical space to create a distinctly recognizable design. Given the challenge of differentiating our Signature labels from one another, it was crucial for me to ensure that the labels for the new line stood out clearly from the others.

The final result – indeed, I printed these designs on standard printer paper and affixed them to the bottles with tape, embracing a bit of DIY creativity to see how they looked.

A particularly intriguing concept I had, which I truly regret not being able to bring to fruition, involved transitioning to bespoke 40ml bottles instead of the conventional 30ml ones. I was convinced that 40ml would offer the ideal volume. Unfortunately, the economics did not align in our favor; commissioning Chubby Gorilla to produce these exclusively for us was financially impractical, given our scale at the time.

During this bustling period, I was juggling numerous tasks, one of which included finalizing the roster of new flavors set for release, which was as follows:

The launch of our expansive new flavor lineup marked a turning point, catapulting us into a whirlwind of success. Yet, the behind-the-scenes chaos at the shop was something to behold. Juggling the creation of labels, ensuring timely printing and delivery, and maintaining a sufficient stock of ingredients turned out to be an overwhelming endeavor. From that experience, I learned a valuable lesson: never to undertake the simultaneous release of so many new products again.

In the midst of this frenzy, our latest mystery flavor, also known as Sassafras, emerged as a standout hit, quickly becoming a fan favorite. This prompted me to think ahead about the next mystery flavor that would captivate our customers' palates. Seeking a reprieve from the recent mayhem and inspired by a casual snack of Skittles, I set my sights on a simpler, yet delightful challenge: crafting a Skittles-inspired flavor.

With a deep knowledge of our flavor inventory, honed over months of recipe experimentation, I confidently selected two complementary flavors. Opting for a straightforward approach, I used a 7% concentration, evenly divided between the two, with a dash of Super Sweet for that extra kick. The initial taste test yielded promising results - not perfect, but undeniably pleasing. Encouraged, I decided to introduce this as our new mystery flavor for a trial run, allowing room for refinement. This strategy would afford me the opportunity to release Sassafras and enjoy a brief respite before the hectic sale season commenced.

Reflecting on that journey, the whirlwind of challenges and triumphs was nothing short of remarkable. From the overwhelming rush of our massive flavor launch to the serendipitous creation of a Skittles-inspired sensation, each step was a learning curve filled with invaluable insights. Those experiences shaped our approach, reminding us of the importance of innovation, customer engagement, and the sheer joy of discovery in the art of flavor crafting. As we prepared for the upcoming sale season back then, we were committed to surprising and delighting our customers with unique, captivating flavors that told a story of creativity, passion, and perseverance. Even though the doors are now closed, the legacy of those vibrant tastes and shared moments continues to resonate.

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