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Handcrafted Key Lime Pie: Whipped Cream ...

Handcrafted Key Lime Pie: Whipped Cream & Citrus Dreams

Feb 16, 2024

Dear Supporters,

I'm thrilled to bring you a piece of my heart and kitchen – the Key Lime Pie recipe, a blend that captures the essence of a breezy Florida day and the warmth of a homemade dessert. This isn't just about mixing flavors; it's about encapsulating the iconic Key Lime Pie's vibrant tartness, creamy filling, and crunchy graham cracker crust into one exquisite vape experience.

The journey to perfect this recipe was a testament to perseverance and passion, particularly for dessert flavors in pod systems, which always present a unique challenge. As I've recently shared in the DIY_eJuice Discord, achieving the layered complexity of a good dessert recipe in a pod system is a formidable task. Our initial Signature Key Lime Pie rendition felt a bit too dry for my liking. With this Handcrafted version, my aim was to enhance the smooth, creamy texture that's so characteristic of a well-made Key Lime Pie. The breakthrough came with Lemon Squares by Wonder Flavours, which introduced the perfect amount of creamy depth without overwhelming the delicate balance of flavors.

The Recipe:

  • Florida Key Lime (FA) - 7%: The essence of our pie, delivering the unmistakable tart and zesty punch of real Key Lime, setting the foundation for our creation.

  • Lemon Squares (WF) - 5%: Adds a creamy, citrusy nuance that complements the key lime, enriching the pie's complexity and creaminess.

  • Cheesecake Graham (PUR) - 4%: This builds our pie's base with a delightful toasted graham cracker note, subtly infused with a hint of creamy cheesecake, melding flawlessly with the lime filling.

  • Super Sweet (CAP) 0.5%: A whisper of sweetness to perfect the blend, ensuring the pie's tartness is balanced with a pleasing finish.

I've always believed in the potential of our Key Lime Pie to offer more than just a hint of dryness. The Handcrafted version is my answer to that belief, a rendition that brings the pie's inherent creaminess to the forefront. The choice of Purilum's Cheesecake Graham was deliberate, offering a creamier, more authentic pie base compared to the drier alternatives, and enhancing the overall sensory experience.

To give you a taste of what others are saying, here are some of my favorite reviews:

  • "Can't get much closer than this." A celebration of balance – the cream, pie crust, and lime harmonize beautifully, with a meringue hint that complements the whipped cream predominance. The lime's natural acidity is spot-on, not too sweet, but just right.

  • "Key Lime Pie" This rendition hits the mark with a fantastic crust flavor and the authentic taste of real Key Limes.

  • "Light and bright lime flavor with pie crust on exhale" A personal favorite for many, offering a vibrant lime flavor with just the right dessert notes, and a sweet marshmallow hint. A must-try for dessert lovers.

  • "Enjoyable play of flavors" A surprise hit, where the pie crust takes center stage. Even for those not well-versed in key lime pie, this mellow vape is a delightful exploration worth trying.

I'm honored to share this Key Lime Pie adventure with you. The time and love invested in this recipe have been immense, and it's a joy to finally present it to you all. Here's to many more flavorful journeys together.



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