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Bella e Impossibile

Bella e Impossibile

Aug 06, 2021

One hand tracing the top of the piano, listening to a song wrapped in longing.

“You’ll have to tell me the new rules.”

Her eyes remaining on the keys she played, she asked, “New rules?”

“For us.”

“We are the same as before. This current choice does not change that.”

Her tone shifted against her will. “We are forever the same as before.”

The song fell into D Minor before she asked, “Is that not what you want anymore?”

After a slight hesitation, she replied, “Maybe…it’s just not enough.” Then, with a quick breath of reacceptance, she sat beside her and looked into what she could see of her eyes. “How are we supposed to be now?”

The music stopped. Turning to her, she answered, “I want us to be exactly what we always are for each other.”

Her eyes softened as she asked quietly, “And what are we… exactly?”

Slowly turning back, she let one finger lightly touch a key before gently answering. “A note never played.”

•Written by Taylor DeVayne

• All rights reserved


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