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getting into weaving

getting into weaving

Jul 12, 2022

i have never really been into all the "yarn business" like sewing, knitting or crochet on the contrary in school i would always make sure i was next to the best in class so she could either show me or do it for me. but a little less than a year ago i discovered weaving and somehow fell in love with it.

i started with a little self-made loom for bookmarks, coasters etc but last Christmas i invested in an ashford knitters loom and it became a game changer allowing me to move from smaller items to bigger items such as scarfs.

one of the things that attracts me in weaving is how easy it is to start. i am not a very patience person when it comes to my own skills and development rather the contrary. i would often stop if it became to complicated, i did not see results or development... weaving however allowed me to create small things from day one. that doesn't mean i was good from day one 😉

i am not sure i would have liked weaving in school but fortunately some things change over time.

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