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Introducing THE ENCLAVE

Introducing THE ENCLAVE

Mar 23, 2021

I sit on the floor, eyes closed, head against the wall; the kids are screaming at each other for the millionth time today and any second, angry little feet will come looking for me. My phone is on silent because if I hear the ping of one more email I might scream as loudly as the kids. The never ending To Do list tugs at the corner of my thoughts, competing with the tension in my head. neck and back. I wish I could step away for a moment, just one second to breathe and re-calibrate!

Over the past six years, I have been researching and refining the idea of a Stress Recovery Center and I am finally on the brink of bringing it to life. Step aside with me into THE ENCLAVE Stress Recovery Center, where counseling, yoga/meditation, a retreat center and a day spa are rolled into one and dipped in technology.

Walk down the halls and experience the indoor ocean room - complete with heated sand and interactive virtual reality; the candle-lit Chapel, the garden coffee shop, a lawn labyrinth, an indoor rain forest, the Happy Room, private counseling suites and other open spaces. All carefully curated so you can step away from the hustle and bustle of the city, into peaceful relaxation in an instant.

For less than the cost of a therapy session, you can help me bring The Enclave to life. I invite you to join the crowdfunding movement of future members, who are committing $25 per month for one year, to make this a reality. Of course, there's lots of perks for you too.

CLICK HERE to download the summary plan with the details and the exclusive supporter-resources that could be yours for a year.

I invite you to read, share, commit, and join the crowd funding movement that will bring this vision to life. Ready to commit? Click BECOME A MEMBER

Thank you & best regards,

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