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Zoom Master Class Early Bird Offer!

Zoom Master Class Early Bird Offer!

Nov 30, 2021

Hi everyone! I hope you are well! I’m sending you this mail because you have supported my Take One Tech Channel through my Buy Me A Coffee page.. 

As a thank you for supporting me, I want to extend a special 50% discount offer to you.

I’m launching ‘The Ultimate Zoom Masterclass” on 1st January. Despite the name, this is not just another Zoom tutorial course. 

Of course, I will be teaching all of the features of Zoom, from beginner to advanced in including a wealth of tips and tips to help you achieve total Zoom Mastery! 

To really shine on Zoom, the software is only part of the equation, though …
- You also need to have audio, video and lighting that is on-point. 
- You need a natural flow to your Zoom sessions that hold people’s attention. 
- You need to use engaging presentations that get your message across.
- You need to have tech that is reliable and won’t let you down. 

So as well as Zoom, I’ll be covering the additional software, hardware, tools and techniques that you can use to transform your Zoom meetings, classes and webinars. 

After the course you’ll truly be able to take your Zoom presence into a whole new realm! You’ll be the expert in every Zoom session you host or attend. You’ll command the respect and attention of your peers, colleagues, students or clients. 

All you need to do to lock in your 50% discount, is simply register your interest in the course now! No obligation, no commitment required from you at this stage.

Simply head over to, enter your name and e-mail and click the button… that’s it! 

Then, when the course launches on 1st January you will receive your 50% discount code. 

You’ll then be able to review the launch video where I walk through the full course content structure and also share the full list of bonuses that are included…. Yes, there will be bonuses as well as a discount! If you like what you see, and it is a good fit for you, then just use your offer code for 50% off at checkout.

Thanks again for your support!

Have a great day,

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