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Lyssandra Of Sparta

Lyssandra Of Sparta

Feb 24, 2023


Lyssandra was born and raised in Sparta as a soldier. Having faced their worlds brutality with great bravery only for her to be betrayed by some pompous noble really pisses her off.

Eight years later she slowly finds evidence of the Greek Noble Court she was ex-communicated by. Slowly but surely the pieces fall into place.

Eventually Lyssandra has to face the greatest enemy of all… herself. Does she pursue revenge & feels it’s empty clasp? Or let things be as is? Or… take things into her own hands as cleanse the corruption from within? So many choices so little time. Especially as she catches word of a head hunter tracking her every move.

Eventually she can no longer run from her past, or her present.

I have 6 chapters completed in this... & two in the making... I update every few days or so as I have time to write.

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