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New bus route and updates about hiking t ...

New bus route and updates about hiking to Mt. Dabajian Checkpoint and interviews

Aug 29, 2022

Hey hiking friend,

Hope you are doing well.

I did a Holy Ridgeline Hike in July. Although I didn't finish the whole trail, I visited Mt. Dabajian again. The good news is hiking to Mt. Dabajian is easier than ever.

  • A new bus route, Guanwu Route, will begin on August 30, 2022, from High Speed Rail Hsinchu Station. You can book the tickets in advance and the bus will take you to the Mt. Dabajian Checkpoint, where Dalu Forest Road begins.

  • Hikers can ride a bike on Dalu Forest Road to the actual trailhead to Mt. Dabajian. You can apply for the bike permit at the checkpoint.

  • From my second hike to Mt. Dabajian, I saw Turtle Island from Dabaping. I was thrilled to know Turtle Island could be visible 80 km away.

Walking on Dalu Forest Road (34 km round trip) can be tedious, especially on the way back. But the hard work is worth it. The difficult parts are from the actual trailhead to Jiujiu Hut, and climbing up to Mt. Xiaobajian.

Other than those, this hike is doable. I'm sure I will do this one for the third time.

As to the interviews, I am honored to be interviewed by Wilderness Times and Emma's Island Adventures from Radio Taiwan International to share my hiking experience. Mike from Wilderness Times has many great questions. It was fun to be interviewed by Emma and Mike.

Hope you like this update on Mt. Dabajian. Cheers!


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