BELIEF - VIP PACKAGE (HQ+lyrics+Commenta ...

BELIEF - VIP PACKAGE (HQ+lyrics+Commentary)

Dec 14, 2020

BELIEF is about to drop Friday 18th! As a VIP you can get it - right now!

  • High Quality Wave File 24 bit

  • High Quality MP3 Download 320 kbyte

  • The LYRIC sheet as PDF including translation from German to English

  • BELIEF - 2 AUDIOCOMMENTARY MP3's - 70 minutes running time on BELIEF
    where I talk in depth about the song, the writing, the idea behind it. Listen for a preview.

    Here is a list of what topics I cover in this episode :

    Part 1 (33 minutes) :

  • What the original title for Belief was

  • Why I chose this title

  • What Tools Humor has to do with Syqem

  • Why I we are not ‚Metal‘

  • Where and when I get my ideas + inspiration

  • How long it took me to BELIEF

  • From what perspective I write

  • Who my songs are about

  • The age of false authenticity

  • Stage Personae vs Private Person

  • Leonardo Di Caprio is a murderer!

  • Who I lost in Rewind

  • Salvador Dali and his muse

  • Empathy and Songwriting

  • Justin Bieber , influencers and the corporations

  • Who says what in my songs?

  • What the real ME sounds like

  • How Dervish was different

Part 2 (36 minutes) :
I go through the lyrics in detail. I describe what my intentions were, possible interpretations and I talk in depth about the German parts.

Go get it now!
Or even better subscribe for a little more for music, more podcasts to our monthly membership. The monthly membership includes this VIP PACKAGE + many more great advantages (see description)

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