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muscles alive, flies gather around

muscles alive, flies gather around

Jan 14, 2022

bile boiling in stomach, bubbling up to the esophagus

shards of silver gnawing underneath the skin

prickling, burning, aching, crimson spilling, heaving

rays of silver emanating from the wounds

flickering with specks of red and white of tendon

from viscera and acid harrow is rising

ribs separating, allowing a bitter fire engulf entirety

an ashen vulture erupts from the bare depths

paralysis prevails anguish as its wings spread

with a daunting howl the beak parts in hunger

fragments of ash and gore spray in silver blaze

pure, no thought nor perception, transparent

folding back the rib-cage, knitting it together

tranquility takes place as the vulture circles

ears grow numb to the shrieks of voracity

abyss overhead and underneath, the chasm a vapor

floating in silken vacuum, ignorant, vacant, barren

consoling decay sweeps aloft like smog

muscles alive, flies gather around

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