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Sep 01, 2021

Resetting is something that we have to be aware of. When you reset, you set again or differently. It's important to reset often, but it can be hard to know when to. With so much clutter in our minds, you might not even realize when you need to reset.

What do I mean by clutter?

Clutter is when your mind doesn't have room for what's currently going on, and there are too many things that can be distracting. We often think that clutter is something that we have to see with our eyes. This is false. Clutter in the mind can be much worse than clutter in the room. That's because you can shut off your eyes and what they see, but it is much harder to shut off thoughts once they are already in your mind. That can be a big problem when you need to think about something else or focus on what's currently going on. Clutter also brings stress with it as well. Stress can bring depression, and depression can bring you to a complete breakdown. This is why my friends, you must RESET!

I can honestly say it can sometimes be terrifying to de-clutter in your mind because we often get used to thinking and stressing about a matter. This is the enemy's field day. The enemy wants you to stay focused on things, people, and situations that do not bring fruit or multiplication in your life. Listen, I got tired of people, situations, and things taking up real estate in my mind. I had to do two things upfront.

1. BE STILL. This is especially important if you've been running around or stressing out for a while. It's time to pause and take inventory of what's going on in your mind right now. You might be surprised at how much there is!

2. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN that you have been thinking about lately regarding people, situations, things, etc. This can be tough because it might bring up emotions. That is okay because you have written them down in the end, and you can deal with what's there without having to think about those things anymore.

So now that we've paused and written everything down, it's time to erase it. Here is what I do:

1. For every name or situation that you've written on paper, circle the names that keep coming up over and over again in your mind.

2. With the circled names/situations, write beside them how much space they should have in your life (none at all or a little). Then cross out those names on the list and let them go! You will never think about them again IF YOU DON'T ALLOW YOURSELF TO THINK ABOUT THEM AGAIN!

3. Now, look at each of the names/situations that are left circled with no space beside them on your list. These are either things you truly care about or things you've allowed to distract you.

4. If the name/situation is something that you truly care about, circle it and give yourself some space beside it on your list to have room in your life again (you can write down what kind of space). If it's a distraction, cross out the name completely!

5. By this time, there shouldn't be many names left that are circled, and if there are any at all, they're probably just as important as everything else written down. This is okay because honestly, it will allow you to see what is important to focus on in your life.


You've just completed a reset in your life, and now you are ready to go again!

If you've done everything outlined here, congratulations! You have spent time de-cluttering some things that kept pulling at your mind and instead focused on what is important. I encourage you to keep this up because it will get easier with time (plus, it feels good to get rid of something!). There might be some people who aren't too happy about this new way of thinking. Don't worry about them; they probably weren't even that great for you anyway! Rise above their negativity and live life how God wants us to today. He has amazing plans for us; we need to make room for those plans in our lives.

I want to share two last things.  

The most POWERFUL way I have found to reset is through meditation. Meditation has been shown to decrease stress, depression, and anxiety. Life is so busy, so when you take time to meditate, you are giving yourself permission to slow down.

One of the coolest things on my Apple Watch is the Breath command. This can be a great tool to reset. All I do is click the Breathe icon, and it guides me through breathing exercises. Practicing deep breathing helps me de-clutter my mind the most because it slows my heart rate and sends more oxygen to my brain. It may look funny while you're doing it, but who cares if you feel less stressed afterward? JUST BREATH!

Another way I like to reset is taking some time alone in prayer. Once again, this requires me to slow down and take time for myself before God. As crazy as I sometimes get with a busy schedule filled with meetings, Chloe, errands, projects, dance, etc., I never regret spending time with God. It's just good for the soul to take time out and be still and know that He is God.

I hope today you will take on these tips to help you declutter your mind and focus on things that really matter in life. Don't forget to share this post on your social media or email it to someone that you know who needs a reset.


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