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Aug 07, 2021

There are five steps that you should follow if you want God's control over your life.

These 5 steps will help to keep the focus on Him!

1) Take Your Hands OFF!

Our hands are used for many things, from work to playing video games and even cooking food. For all the amazing things our hands are capable of doing, they can also be a hindrance. We tend to rely on our own strength, yet we only have the power to do what He allows us to do. If we put all of our trust in Him, then He will be able to guide us where we need to go. By relying on Him, His guidance can help us avoid falling into temptation, which can cause consequences that may not seem as bad at first but, in the end, might lead us astray and cause irreversible damage.

2) Take Your Mouth OFF!

It's not just our hands that need to be taken off; it's also our mouth. We speak things into being with what we say and can bring things to pass. If you want the Lord in control of your life, then you need to stop talking about what you want and instead talk about what He wants. Giving God control in every aspect will give Him glory and praise for all He desires to do.

3). Take It to HIM in Prayer:

Everything we do should be done in prayer. We need to make sure that our lives are not spent trying to please ourselves but rather pleasing the Lord. Prayer is a gift from Him, and it not only keeps us focused on Him. It also allows us to communicate with Him and find out what He wants us to do. Asking the Lord for guidance through prayer will always help you stay on the right path.

4). Take It One day at a Time:

So many times, we try to go ahead of the Lord, which is a form of control. We might have had plans in our life that did not work out as we had hoped. Maybe these plans were made in anger or frustration, and they were not God's plan. When this happens, it's hard to know what to do next because we live in fear that what might happen will not be good. The best thing you can do is take one day at a time and ask the Lord for guidance. He loves each of us and will give us the grace we need when we need it most.

5) Take a Praise Break:

Stopping to take a Praise Break can 100% take our minds off how hard things are and help us focus on God. We often forget to stop and thank Him for all of the things He has given us, which is why a Praise Break may be just what we need to fully experience the presence of God. Entrust your worries to Him because He cares for you.



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