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Sep 09, 2021

We have hit a time in our lives that we can visibly see the lack of prayer.   People cut prayer out of their lives as if it is a wasteful thing to do. Prayer has been reduced into a weak and doubtable activity that people only perform when they want God to do something for them. That is not the real purpose of prayer! We need to change our way; we need to make time for God and pray more than ever.  

The world has become so polluted with sin and ungodliness that we can see it everywhere. Sin has become a global and infectious disease that has taken over the minds of many, causing them to do things that have broken hearts, families, and lives.   

From children killing children in schools, marriage hurting and breaking because people refuse to acknowledge the truth of God's word, which has turned them away from their spouse; who discover new ways to hurt one another. Wickedness is everywhere...on the streets where innocent blood is shed over other people's material things. The news brings us reports every day of natural disasters destroying parts of the world and people dying daily from sickness and diseases that were not a problem years ago. 

No one can deny that there is a spiritual crisis in our lives! Yet, we still refuse to pray! We have reduced prayer into a weak petitioning where we ask God for things depending on how much we need them. We have reduced prayer into a way of getting from God what we want when we want it and how we want it. People pray with a lack of faith, expecting to receive the things that they ask for.   When they don't receive them, the first thing they do is begin to doubt God. They begin to question whether or not He hears them because their prayer was not answered in the way they wanted it when they wanted it. 

That is not what praying should be! 

We have reduced prayer into a ridiculous activity where people pray without passion and force; they say words that they think should be said but don't mean them because their hearts are not into it. People pray halfheartedly and wonder why "nothing happens." 

People pray with their minds and not their spirits; we think that the words we speak to God should come out of our mouths, but how deep is that coming from our hearts? How much effort do we put into making our prayers count? How badly do we want what we are praying for?

We pray with little faith and hope and become discouraged when we don't see a visible change quickly.   Friends, we need to make time for God and pray like we never prayed before. 

We should be praying more than ever, and I'm going to share with you why:

People are controlled by sin: We live in a world where the devil is so busy.  We live in a world that is full of sin and evilness. The truth is, people are praying, but their prayers aren't being answered because the devil holds a firm grip on them through their thoughts, words, and actions. Many people don't even know it because they have become so used to being under the control of sin. 

PRAY MORE, don't just pray when you need something! 

Pray for everyone who has not yet experienced God's love and His forgiveness in their lives. If you are tempted, then pray that He will give you strength not to do it…If you are angry, pray that your heart will be healed and that peace will overflow in your heart. 

Prayer is not about getting something from God; it's more than that...It's all about knowing Him and growing in His love!

There is a lack of knowledge: The bible says that "the truth will set you free" (John 8:32). We need the truth in our lives to set us free from sin, oppression, and lack of peace. Many people don't understand the power and strength of prayer and how it can cause God to move on our behalf.

If you are reading this right now, I ask that you share this with another person; prayer is powerful, and people need to know that!

Willingness to Change: People have a lot of difficulties changing their ways. We have become so common with our lives and our way that we do not want to change.   

The first step of changing is to pray. 

The second step of changing is for your mind to be renewed.  You can't do this on your own.  YOU NEED GOD to renew the way you think, the way you view life, the way you view yourself, the way you view others, and mostly the way you view God.  Renewing your mind will bring you to a place of peace.  

The third step of changing is to give up all your worries, fears, and doubts.  Only God can help you through this because He is the only One who knows how to solve them! A lot of times, the reason why we do not pray is because our minds are FILLED with worry, anxiety, and fear.  You must give all to God...What does that mean? It means to let go of control and know that if you do what's right, God will work it all together for your good! (Romans 8:28)

We live in a world where people believe that "it's their life," so therefore, they should be allowed to do what they want.  PSA:  YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL of YOUR LIFE...GOD is!  Therefore, it is a MUST to pray to the one who IS IN CONTROL.  Depending on yourself and depending on others is DANGEROUS.  Stay in a safe place, and that is prayer!  

Don't just pray when you need something; make prayer part of your life!  Think about this; time is a gift from God.  If it is a gift that he has given us, shouldn't we make time to tell him "THANK YOU"?  Shouldn't we make time to acknowledge the time and life-giver?  Make time for God and pray more than ever.  It's not too late; God is ready to transform your life today.  

Prayer should take place before you are in need, prayer should take place before you are in a crisis, prayer should take place before you break down, prayer should take place before your loved one is on their death bed. Prayer must be your lifestyle.  Prayer must be a NECESSITY!

All it takes is one prayer for you to give up your control and trust in Him. You'll be surprised by what He can do in your life!



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