I Have No Home

I Have No Home

May 01, 2022

Music: Odyn v kanoe - I have no home (youtube)
The art is partly inspired by the song, be sure to listen to it.

I have no home

For the background, I used a photo of an apartment in a neighboring house.

(Original of the background photo you can see here: Apartment in the neighbor house 2022-04-21)

This is a simple apartment building. A bomb hit it. There was a fire. Everything burned to the ground. There lived ordinary people, just like me. And now they don't have a home... They lived, loved this place, made repairs, planned something... And now there are only coals.

All this was lost because of one Russian bomb.

And there are hundreds, thousands of such stories. Only in my Kharkiv there are already more than 2000 damaged houses!

Russians attacked my country, and it is more correct to call their military men terrorists. They destroy the homes of ordinary people, destroy their lives. They destroy us, erase the memory of our culture, of our very existence.


We are used to fighting for our freedomfor the right to livefor the right to take another breath on this earth. And now we remember these habits that are in our blood. Our men are real Cossacks, our brave defenders. Our women are also of the Cossack family, they stand shoulder to shoulder with men in the war, they heal their bodies and souls, they keep the fire burning. Even our children are small, but already brave Cossacks!

We were forced to remember what it is to give our lives for loved ones, to shed blood for freedom. We were forced to remember... And now the attackers will feel our strength in full!

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