What Kind Of World Do You Desire?

What Kind Of World Do You Desire?

Sep 02, 2021

Does it seem as if the world as we know it is crumbling? In a way it is. And it has to. Any reality or world mainly built on lies, deceit and greed has to crumble. That time is now.

The good thing is WE are in control of where we go from here.

What is playing out is a war on consciousness. Knowing that our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world leaves us - individually and collectively - with the power to choose where we go from here.

What kind of world and reality do we desire? Can we be the OBSERVERS of all the evil and sad things happening in the world, meaning not get caught up in all of it and hold the image of the world we truly want to live in?

At the same time, can we tap into our hearts, our soul and engage by speaking our truths? Be bold enough to take judgement standing tall? Without going into fights that add to the division in the world?

Playing the game of "right or wrong" will not move our world or lives forward.

Not every person moves along the path of awakening to truth and remembering who they are at the same speed. There are no steps to awakening. It is a natural process unfolding at the exact right time for each individual soul.

It is not our job to save people or the planet. Instead we live and speak our truth and allow every other person to be where they are on their journey.

We shine our light. We live and speak our truth. We show up.

We are all sovereign beings and have free will.

Not everyone will join, but those who will, will have a beautiful new world to look forward to.

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