"All Will Be Well and Already Is"

"All Will Be Well and Already Is"

Sep 12, 2021

September 12, 2021:

"Hello again beautiful being! We are so pleased to be speaking with you again.

We hear you want to know if planet earth will come through all the division and this fight for your consciousness.

We will say to that that you already know but you are getting a little tired.

Because you KNOW at you core that all is well and that it is all so easy, you get frustrated and impatient. And then confuse these feelings with doubt.

Important things to remember and practice are to stay in the love vibration, to practice conscious gratitude - for you the being, for your body, for nature, for mother earth, for all that is - and to practice conscious deep breathing to be present in your life.

Also remember that all feelings, emotions and thoughts you experience do not always belong to you.

When you go into doubt or frustration, have you considered that you are actuall y tapping into what may belong to someone else?

Always ask yourself if it belongs to you and if no, let it go. Simply let it go.

Remember; it is not you job to save or fix or change other humans.

Honour yourself beautiful soul. You came here for this and as such are well equipped for the job.

Just remember how easy it gets to be. You have always know it is so.

Stay in the love vibration, practice conscious gratitude and deep breathing to be present in the moment. Yeas, we already said that and now we add - as we always say:

Shine your light. Wherever you are, wherever you go, in all situations.

The difference that makes is almost beyond comprehension to the human mind, but at your core you remember that that is what you are; pure light. Pure love.

We honour you. We love you. All will be well and already is."

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