"Behind the Canvas" new content for supp ...

"Behind the Canvas" new content for supporters.

Jan 21, 2024

I've just started posting some additional photos of earlier stages of paintings, development sketches and the sketchbook or camera content that leads to a painting. I have begun with my latest one, "Sunrise Light", for supporters who have generously helped keep my brain cells and inspiration operating with magic beans!

I plan to put up photos of work in progress, sometimes with a link to a timelapse video of the painting process and some direct to camera commentary from me. The audio/video content is to follow as time allows as I need to set up a new channel on YouTube for art related content, a plan I have had for a while.  Any YouTube content I post here will be Unlisted or Private on that channel, so only accessible by you, my kind supporters!

I am of course always happy to respond to questions and discuss my work so please feel free to contact me via the comments on my art blog/website: https://christerrellartist.wordpress.com/2024/01/21/new-work-sunrise-light/

or via this site too.... especially if you would like to join me over a fine strong coffee! Thanks and best wishes.

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