2021 MidYear Review | Plans for Remainde ...

2021 MidYear Review | Plans for Remainder of Year

Jul 28, 2021

PERSONAL- Covid hit in early Feb, as well as another virus later in the Spring. Well, that's almost 2 months gone right there!

ANIMALS- Announced the FISH RACK. 18 tanks all running with some pretty cool fish. Isopods- added Porcellio sp. Morroco and P. flavomarginatus, then added Cubaris Sp. Shiro Utsuri. Geckos- Some increadible additions such as Oedura monilis, Oedura coggeri, and N. levis levis females! That's a lot. Babies started hot and heavy in March April with some of the Africans and Madagascar geckos hatching quicker than the cresteds. In July, all geckos laying are now hatching, including cave geckos, helmeted, and P. vazimba. This should be a fun year.

FACILITY- No significant changes other than a new rack to hold @ 50 tubs of isopods. I'm trying to go over to lockable/gasket tubs for the isopods.

SHOWS- 3 shows so far this year. Certainly down from a few short years ago. One of our favorite things to do at Supreme Gecko. We meet so many new friends.

SOCIAL MEDIA- My committments to FB, IG, and YT keep growing. This is great but....it has been a real struggle to keep up. We've gone from only a few questions a day to over 30 some days! I want to help everyone equally and need to find a way to do this. We jumped into TikTok (don't ask me why :) YouTube videos are coming out now at a clip of about 2/week.

OTHER- The office is coming together. 2 new computers- one for videos, one for social media (so if this one crashes, I'll just reformat). Funny, I'm writing this on the 3rd computer- the old broken down laptop :) We introduced the PodFather T-Shirt with great acceptance. As well, we are adding more and more items to our store.


For isopods and geckos, there may not be many new additions this year as it is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with what is hatching out!

We hope, in the Fall to replace our australian rack (35 tubs) with an all glass rack of about 20 enclosurtes. As well, we may take down and redo a back of 8" square tanks in the hallway to make room for new grow out enclosures.

Thank you for staying the course and supporting Supreme Gecko. We keep growing and growning and hope this is what YOU are enjoying and hope we can help you keep your animals healthier and happier.


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