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The Odyssey of Alarian Vasz: Day 5

The Odyssey of Alarian Vasz: Day 5

Feb 11, 2022

This post is part of a chronicle of the journal entries of Alarian Vasz, my wanderer in my first ever playthrough of Her Odyssey, a caltrop core solo journaling RPG.

The trees were bare. Leaves, dried and crunchy, littered the forest floor. Clouds choked any sunlight to a dim gray. The brisk air gave me goosebumps with the touch of the slightest breeze. Those same breezes carried whispers, faint, but present with each gust

Trust the Blessing.

Follow the Blessed.

Ahead, the trees were swaying? No. Gesturing, inviting me forward. More desiccated leaves crunched beneath each step as I approached the welcoming hosts. Their branches lowered towards the ground when I arrived. A lone raven sitting on the end of the branch nearest me, opening its beak and clearly speaking "Follow the Blessed".

"What do you mean?"

I received no answer. The raven took flight further into the woods and I sighed, closing my eyes.

I'm trusting you.


The ground shook, the trees standing before me raised their branches back to the sky and separated, as did the entire forest beyond them, following the path the raven flew.

This was an auspicious omen.

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