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The Odyssey of Alarian Vasz: Day 4

The Odyssey of Alarian Vasz: Day 4

Feb 10, 2022

This post is part of a chronicle of the journal entries of Alarian Vasz, my wanderer in my first ever playthrough of Her Odyssey, a caltrop core solo journaling RPG.

I left immediately. Both the QuikGo coffee and my desire to keep the one genuinely kind person I'd met from facing consequences for helping me were equally strong, leaving me wide awake. I followed the road south under the cover of night. A few dilapidated buildings beyond the town limits had fresh flyers pasted all over their walls. Closer inspection of one showed in big block font "REJECT THE HERESY OF THE BLESSED".

They've been here or have friends here. I thought, ripping some down to use for kindling in my next fire. What if I'm heading straight to them?







Clearly my options were limited as to where to go, but I had to press on. A walk around the buildings showed them to be a cluster of old warehouses. If I was already tearing flyers down, then I may as well take a look inside too to see if there was anything to make my trek a little easier. I found the main door to the nearest building and tried the handle. It was locked. I took a step back and then rammed it with my shoulder. The frame groaned, but the deadbolt held firm. Not as much could be said for my body. Pain shot through my shoulder and straight up my neck. Rather than try my luck again I thought it best to move on, dragging myself down the road for quite a few hours before finding myself on the outskirts of a larger town an hour or so after dawn.

At this point my body ached everywhere; my makeshift stitches were failing after jarring everything in my attempt to open that warehouse door; and I hadn't had much but some deer, a cup of coffee, and some water in the last few days.

You need a hospital.

Of course I do, but can I trust them to not turn me in?

If you don't try you will die.

If I do try I may still die.

"I pray my Blessing find those in need and illuminate their path. That my blood carry the love the world needs in this trying time. For the Blessed may still save us." I stopped thinking and began repeating my prayers, walking as steadily as I could in the direction my mind pointed me.

The bright red emergency department sign awaited me when I finally looked up.

You need a hospital.

Sometimes my subconscious is too persistent. I made it in the door before collapsing in the waiting room.

It was yet another inauspicious day.

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