My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day

Mar 16, 2021

That seems like a bit an oxymoron right now, because right now there doesn't seem to be anything remotely resembling a perfect day! It seems like these can only happen in our dreams at the moment, with plans changing all the time and being unable to have something to look forward to.

When the 21st of June rolls around, will we all be allowed to resume our pre-pandemic lives and actually have our perfect days? Here I'm going to talk you through what would be my perfect day, in a dream world we're not quite living in just yet.

My Perfect Day

It would start with the perfect morning, having a lie in and a big cup of coffee in bed. I would then sit up and read a couple of chapters of whichever book I was reading at the time. Seeing as this is my perfect day, I'm going to allow myself to have a dog in the scenario, whom I would cuddle in bed as I drank my coffee and read my book.

I would then walk to the bathroom and have a quick shower before taking my beautiful dog for a walk in the woods and stopping by my favourite coffee shop before heading home.

Once home, I would feed my dog and take myself off for a heavenly bubble bath and some delicious brunch. I'd use a luxurious bath oil, bring out all my favourite beauty products and really take my time with my skincare.

Once out of the bath I'd follow up with the matching moisturiser and give myself a mini facial to boot. I would then choose my favourite loungewear and matching fluffy socks before heading into the kitchen, letting my dog out into the garden, opening the French doors and letting in the sunshine.

Now time for food! My perfect day breakfast would consist of a delicious vegan brunch consisting of fluffy pancakes with fruit, vegan bacon and maple syrup followed by a big cup of green tea.

After breakfast, there would be more dog cuddles, more book reading as well as watching one of my favourite films. After this, I would take my dog out again for another long walk - this time stopping off at my local pub for a pint with friends for chats, games and food.

After the pub, I'd walk home again via the dog-friendly farm shop to pick up some delicious food for dinner. My perfect dinner would consist of a vegan spaghetti bolognaise or carbonara, with green salad, garlic bread and a big glass (or 2) of red wine!

To round off my perfect day, I would snuggle up on the couch with my dog, with the last of the red wine and a bar of delicious vegan chocolate with one of my favourite films on the TV. Probably Dirty Dancing, Lady & The Tramp, Breakfast At Tiffany's or even Kingsman!

I would then wrap up my perfect day by letting my dog out into the garden again, ensuring he is happy and giving him a treat. Then heading upstairs to get ready for the night, doing my night time skincare routine, brushing my teeth and snuggling down in bed with my dog.

That's my perfect day, how about you?

Sarah xo

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