Fancy A Coffee....?

Fancy A Coffee....?

Mar 20, 2021

Hello there, fancy a coffee?

I'll take an oat milk latte please, one shot, thanks.

What will yours be? Yup, perfect, thanks so much!

So, how are you doing with the daily repeativeness of the everyday? Do the weekends not hold any difference for you from the weekdays? Yup, same!

Even going to work once a week isn't as stimulating as you'd think it would be, because I'm doing less pot-washing and more cleaning...I know it needs to be done, but ugh. Just not the most fun thing, you know?

In other news, the Buy Me A Coffee Crew recently bought me a coffee after I replied to one of their tweets! I know, it was SO nice! I really didn't expect to be chosen as one of their winners, but I was. Definitely put a smile on my face for sure!

I did kind of promise them a post if they did buy me a coffee, so here we are! Any excuse to write a post though, you know what I'm like! I'm really enjoying having this other space to create content on, a different place from my blog for those posts which are unedited and written freely. A place to explore different topics and write what is on my mind.

Buy Me A Coffee believe that almost everyone will work for themselves in the future - their mission is to empower individuals to achieve that. It gives fans a meaningful way to express gratitude to creators who can also offer exclusive content and community access for their biggest fans.

They were founded in 2018 and they're living their best sunny, sometimes foggy, lives in San Francisco and are backed by some amazing investors. Today, over 300,000 creators and millions of fans use Buy Me A Coffee.

I hadn't really thought about starting my own Buy Me A Coffee page, but having been a blogger/content creator for 9 years this year, I thought to myself, hang on, I'm sure I have something of value to give to people, so why not?

I've always been told I'm very positive and 'sunshine-y' and that I have a lot to offer, so here we are! The BMC crew are all so friendly and nothing is too much/little to ask them and a few of my friends are also on BMC which makes me so happy.

I've recently added membership to my page, where for just £5 a month you'll be guaranteed a dose of sunshine with perks such as:

  • Behind the scenes content

  • Happy Emails To Make You Smile!

  • Personalised messages for any event

I'm hoping that by offering this, I can connect more with my audience and help them navigate life! I'm the wrong end of my 30s and even I don't have it all figured out yet! But what I can offer is, my wealth of knowledge covering everything from backpacking around Australia by myself for 2 years, living away from home for work, running a blog for 9 years, contacting and working with brands and PRs, starting and running my own business for 7 years, straight out of university as well as how I was able to pay off debt during a pandemic.

I've been through a lot and have a lot of advice to offer, so if that sounds like something you'd be interested in learning more about, please hit that membership button!

Thanks so much for the coffee, I really enjoyed talking to you today! Same time next week?

Sarah xoxoxox

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