A Stance on Simultaneous Submissions and ...

A Stance on Simultaneous Submissions and Crediting First Published Poems

Jun 15, 2023

As a poetry publisher, we understand the importance of nurturing a vibrant and diverse poetic community. We strive to create an inclusive space where poets can freely share their unique voices and perspectives. However, we have made a deliberate choice not to credit other publications for first publishing a poet's work. In this blog post, we will delve into our stance on simultaneous submissions, why we refrain from crediting other publications, and the values that underpin our editorial philosophy.

Simultaneous Submissions and First Print Rights

We acknowledge that many publications require exclusive first print rights, which can result in conflicts for poets submitting their work to multiple publishers simultaneously. While we recognize the validity of these requirements, we have chosen a different path. We do not demand exclusive first print rights, understanding that poets often want to explore multiple avenues to showcase their work. By embracing simultaneous submissions, we encourage poets to freely share their creations without restrictions, promoting a dynamic and collaborative environment. However, it's important to note that conflicts may arise when the same poem is accepted by another publication that demands credit for publishing the same work. As a publisher, we have chosen not to credit other publications, which means that if a poem is simultaneously accepted elsewhere, we are unable to proceed with its publication. We maintain this policy to establish our own unique approach, while also respecting the choices of other publications.

Encouraging Fresh and Unique Content

Our decision not to credit other publications for first published poems stems from our commitment to prioritise the intrinsic value of each poem. By doing this rather than valueing its previous publication history, we create an environment that nurtures creative expression. Poets submitting to our publication are encouraged to share their best work without feeling limited by prior publications. This approach fosters a vibrant collection of poems that represent a diverse range of styles, themes, and voices.

Fostering Equality and Inclusivity

Crediting other publications for first published poems can inadvertently create a hierarchical system within the poetry community, where certain publications are deemed more prestigious or influential. As advocates of equality and inclusivity, we choose not to perpetuate such divisions. We believe that every poem should be evaluated on its individual merit, regardless of where it was previously published. By maintaining a level playing field, we ensure fair and unbiased assessments, providing all poets with an equal opportunity to be recognized for their talent.

Promoting Collaboration and Networking

Our decision not to credit other publications also fosters collaboration and networking within the poetic community. By refraining from emphasizing exclusivity, poets are encouraged to engage in meaningful partnerships with multiple publishers. This collaborative spirit allows for the cross-pollination of ideas and styles, benefiting both poets and the literary community as a whole. It opens doors to diverse opportunities, expanding horizons and reaching wider audiences.

Celebrating the Poet's Journey

We value the unique journey of every poet, recognizing that each publication they contribute to plays a part in shaping their artistic growth. Instead of fixating solely on the initial publication, we celebrate the entirety of a poet's journey. By showcasing their body of work without highlighting where individual poems were first published, we honor their evolution and development as artists. This comprehensive approach offers a holistic representation of their artistic prowess and provides readers with a richer understanding of their creative trajectory.


In conclusion, our stance on simultaneous submissions and crediting other publications for first published poems reflects our commitment to celebrating poetic expression in its purest form. By encouraging simultaneous submissions, we enable poets to explore multiple avenues for their work without restrictions. Additionally, refraining from crediting other publications fosters equality, inclusivity, collaboration, and the celebration of individual artistic journeys. We are dedicated to creating an open and inclusive space for poets to share their unique voices, while ensuring that their work is evaluated on its intrinsic merit rather than the publications that came before.

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