A Labour of Love's Daily Workings

A Labour of Love's Daily Workings

Jan 18, 2023

As a small press poetry publisher, I often find myself being asked about what goes on behind the scenes here at Sunday Mornings at the River. So, I figured it's time to give you a little glimpse into the daily happenings of this one-woman show.

Let me start by saying that running a small press is a true labour of love. It's a deep-rooted passion for literature and a burning desire to amplify the voices that often go unheard. But let's not sugarcoat it – it's also a whole lot of hard work. As a one-woman press, I wear multiple hats on any given day – from being the editor, to the designer, to the promoter. Each day brings forth a fresh set of tasks and challenges to tackle.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of this journey is reading through the poetry submissions that flood our inbox. Being a small press, we receive a substantial number of submissions, and it can take hours to meticulously go through each one. It's crucial to give every submission the attention it deserves, as we strive to publish work that aligns with our press's vision and values. Once we've carefully selected the poems that will grace our anthology or collection, the editing process begins. This entails working closely with the poets, collaborating to refine and elevate their words.

Next comes the design phase, which is where creativity takes centre stage. As a small press, we need to be resourceful with our design choices, often navigating within a limited budget, or sometimes, no budget at all. This means that a significant chunk of my time is dedicated to crafting visually appealing covers and layouts, ensuring that our books don't end up looking like a finger painting by my dog.

Once the design is locked in, it's time to shift gears towards printing and distribution. We've tried various print-on-demand services, but in the end, we found that Amazon's KDP offered the best solution for us. They take care of the printing and distribution process, allowing us to focus on what we do best – nurturing the literary community.

But let's not forget about the crucial element of promotion. As a small press, we may not have the same resources as the big publishers out there, but we make up for it with creativity and strategic thinking. This means reaching out to book reviewers, organizing virtual events that bring authors and readers together, and utilizing social media as a powerful tool to spread the word about our books.

In essence, running a small press demands a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication, and resilience. But the rewards are immeasurable. It's an absolute honor to provide a platform for voices that often struggle to find one, and to share their extraordinary work with the world. It's an experience that calls for unwavering commitment, unyielding passion, and an undying belief in the power of literature.

So, there you have it – a little sneak peek into the vibrant world of Sunday Mornings at the River. It may be a one-woman operation, but it's filled to the brim with heart and soul. It's a side hustle that brings me endless joy and fulfilment, and I couldn't be more grateful for your support along this journey.

Stay tuned for more poetic adventures and captivating reads. Together, we'll continue to celebrate the beauty of words and the profound impact they have on our lives.

With love,


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