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FLUFF 2024 | An Exhibition by SULCI WORL ...

FLUFF 2024 | An Exhibition by SULCI WORLD | OPEN CALL

Jul 03, 2024

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OPEN CALL: Apply July 4 - August 31st 2024 (23:59 UTC)

🥳 For our 2024 exhibition we will be celebrating all things FLUFFY!!!!!!

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We have a special SULCI WORLD SPACE lined up to showcase your works. That's right, an exhibition in the clouds! 🤩☁️☁️

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What is Fluff? 

Fluff is a soft, light puffy or feathery material. Your pet angora rabbit is covered in fluff, and when you blow the down off a dandelion, you can call that fluff too.


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What is your sensory experience of fluff?

  • What does it look like, smell like, sound like, feel like, taste like?

Does the texture of fluff make you joyful or squeamish?

Is it squishy and soft like clouds, or sticky and bothersome? We’d like to know! 🥳😁

➡️ Show us your creative responses to FLUFF!!

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Benefits for Exhibiting Artists

  • Part of SULCI WORLD community 😍

  • Exhibited in SULCI WORLD and Artivive exhibition experience on TEZOS

  • Complimentary SULCI WORLD membership 🥳

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TEZOS Showcase

  • Your works will be installed, minted and showcased in SULCI WORLD TEZOS NFT gallery

  • Each NFT will be an edition of 25 @ 5 TEZOS each. (We will airdrop 2 x editions to you for free!)

  • Split of NFT royalties:

    • Primary sales: YOU 75% / SULCI WORLD 25%

    • Secondary market: YOU 15% / SULCI WORLD 5%

No previous NFT experience is necessary

🌱 Tezos is an open-source, self-amending, eco-friendly blockchain protocol that leverages the Proof of Stake consensus model

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How do I apply?

  1. You will need a TEZOS wallet address. Instructions on how to set this up: We would recommend Temple. Paste address like this: tz1dftKA1m63Q1VTie5xT44mYC5jXUuDeGWx

  2. Apply with any medium; visual art, audio, performance, web, 3D, writing, etc in a digital file

  3. We accept up to 4MB file: JPG, PNG or GIF through CuratorSpace. Or up to 10MB: URL link on Google Form. For any of these formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, OGG, MP3, OGG, SVG, PDF, GLB, WEB - folder containing HTML, JS etc (no zip required)

  4. Max 2 entries per person (including collaboration) 

  5. Must be over 18

  6. Open to international applicants in any part of the world 

  7. No flashing imagery

  8. Submit July 4 - August 31st 2024 (23:59 UTC)

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Google Form:

CuratorSpace: . .

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