Why buy me a coffee?

Why buy me a coffee?

May 15, 2021

Hey folks. I just wanted to talk about the reason for starting this page.

If you know me and have followed the channel then you know I love making MTB vlogs. I'm on a bit of a mission now to get to as many Scottish trails as possible and to try and make the best possible videos for all of you.

I had never really started the channel to make money, however I didn't realise that YouTube would effectively pay nothing. Although I would like to bring you all the best possible edits, the reality is equipment costs... A lot!

So, the idea for this page is to have somewhere that people can make a small donation that will go directly to the equipment I purchase.

There is no pressure to donate. If you do, then it's a massive thanks from me. Over time I will see if I can make this whole experience more interactive. Until then, thanks for reading : )

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