Introducing the Paw Kitchen.

Introducing the Paw Kitchen.

May 16, 2021

After months of struggling to keep up with the demand for dog food and dealing with unreliable suppliers we are taking matters into our own hands.

We are initially setting up the paw kitchen that will act as a relief program for when we are unable to get dog food.

We have a temporary location to get started and need to purchase basic cooking supplies... Heavy duty burners, large cooking pots and supplies, storage bins, industrial cooking utensils, dog bowls and food transportation bins. Initially Rob, Jacq and one part time staff member will get the program off the ground by cooking themselves there is a quick action plan to hire a head cook and helper.

After testing this model we will then build a small industrial kitchen with proper commercial equipment that will allow us to scale this project into a full operating kitchen that will free us from working with big business and will allow us to scale to the needs of the ever growing demand of the street dog feeding program.

Any donations gathered from this point for meals will go directly into the Paw Kitchen project which we hope you will share with your networks.

The initial cost for the test kitchen is $3500. The commercial kitchen with building and is $17,500.

This commercial kitchen will be able to produce upwards of 15000 meals a month!

The time is now to secure the food supply for the street dogs here. Please share this update far and wide as a little goes a long way in these times and the hundreds of dogs that you will aid thank you in advance.

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