Baby Roku

Aug 29, 2023

Last Monday I went to Puerto Princesa City, 2 and a half hours away, to not only pay a vet bill but also secure 15 days worth of dogfood. I'm grateful that we could get that, but are now down to the last five once again. It's amazing how quickly time flies and I seem to feel like I'm at the beginning again trying to make this all work.

Though I had presumed rescues would be on hold with our car still in need of repair, I was wrong. I returned from the city to find out that a tourist had found this tiny injured puppy. He had a massive wound from the back of his neck to his tail. Warning ⚠️ Graphic details to follow. Inside of this poor babies wood and covering his entire body was thousands of maggots of varying sizes. It took hours of time, medicine and a whole team to rid him of these. To combat the infection once the bugs were out, we administered antibiotics directly into the wound.

Little Rokus eyes were just opening so he was unable to eat solid food. But now after a week of bottle feeding he is able to eat soft solids. Today is a small victory as he will leave our home and go with the sanctuary team.

We have just been in contact with a concerned citizen of Puerto princesa city about a momma dog and 5 puppies. We await more details but anticipate that rescue this week also.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and please be in contact if you have any specific questions. We appreciate all your help with these special cases.

With Gratitude,

Jacq and the Street Dog Sanctuary Team ❤️

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