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Embracing the Energy of Opportunity: A J ...

Embracing the Energy of Opportunity: A Journey to a Prosperous Money Mindset

Jul 14, 2023

The Power of Giving

Believing in the power of giving has been a cornerstone in my life journey. To me, money isn't just a paper note or a number in a bank account—it's an energy. An energy that fuels our ambitions, facilitates change, and above all, creates opportunities. But reaching this viewpoint didn't come quickly or easily; it was a transformation that took time, experience, and a fair share of bumps along the road.

As a child, money was a scarce commodity in my family. Our relationship with it was founded on survival, driven by fear and uncertainty. Now, my parents are people I deeply respect and love. They worked incredibly hard and did the best they knew how. However, their attitude towards money was something I felt a deep-seated need to change in my own life.

Choosing to live devoid of financial fear, particularly in the face of hardships, wasn't an easy decision. But it was one that I am eternally grateful to have made. 

Redefining the Relationship with Money

Our relationship with money is strikingly similar to our relationships with people. The conversations we have, the words we choose, and the emotions we associate with them are reflective of our relationships. If we're constantly telling our money, "I don't have enough," "It's so hard," or "It's never going to work," we're not fostering a productive relationship. Instead, we're poisoning it with negativity.

By embracing a proactive approach and continuously seeking opportunities, we can redefine our relationship with money. Just like in any relationship, effort and understanding can lead to fruitful outcomes. And that's exactly the attitude I decided to take on.

The Power of Perspective

Our perspective towards money greatly shapes our experience with it. If we're blinded by lack and unable to see the opportunities that exist or the ones we can create, we limit our potential for financial growth. 

For me, the switch from scarcity to abundance was a complete game changer. Instead of focusing on what I lack, I channel my energy into creating opportunities for prosperity. This mindset shift can transform a scarcity-based viewpoint into a prosperous one.

I invite you to consider how your language and mindset could be influencing your relationship with money. What if you saw it not as a source of worry, but as an energy of opportunity?

Just remember, it's all about making an effort, creating opportunities, and turning scarcity into abundance. That's how we harness the power of money's energy and create a life we love.

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