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Creating a Win-Win in Your Community: Th ...

Creating a Win-Win in Your Community: The PATH Method

Jul 10, 2023

Have you ever joined a community and pondered how you could create a win-win situation for both yourself and the community? You're not alone. I’ve been in your shoes and today, I want to share a personal approach I’ve developed over time. I call it the PATH method. The PATH method stands for Personal Reflection, Assess the Vibe, Trust-building, and Highlight the Win-Win. Let’s take a journey down this PATH together.

P for Personal Reflection

The first step down this PATH is Personal Reflection. Before joining any community, it’s crucial to ask ourselves, "Why am I here?" Our motives may differ; sometimes, we join a community because a friend recommended it, or we're in search of something specific. The beautiful thing is, there’s no wrong reason or answer. This step involves honesty with ourselves about our motivations and what we hope to gain from the community.

A for Assess the Vibe

Next, we Assess the Vibe. This involves checking out what information is publicly available about the community, understanding the community's messaging, and paying close attention to what existing members are saying about it. The goal isn't to form quick judgments, but rather to take time to understand the community and see if it aligns with our expectations and needs. Assessing the vibe also gives us a sense of whether we'd be comfortable and happy being part of the community.

T for Trust-building

The third step on this PATH is Trust-building. For me, this means forming genuine connections rather than simply networking. I believe in creating real, lasting relationships, and sometimes, this can start with something as simple as a supportive message on someone's social media post. The connections we make today could evolve into important friendships or collaborations in the future. Trust-building is a crucial aspect of integrating oneself into a community and making the most of it.

H for Highlight the Win-Win

The final step is to Highlight the Win-Win. For some of us, a win might be about achieving the community’s goals. For others, it might be about the relationships we form, or even money-making opportunities we discover along the way. And sometimes, it's about simply being part of something bigger than ourselves. As we continue our journey within the community, our own unique win-win scenario will become clearer. It's about identifying the value and benefit we get from being part of the community, and also the value we contribute.


Following the PATH may not always be straightforward, and there's no 'right' or 'wrong' way to do it. The beauty of it lies in the fact that every step you take enriches not just you, but also the community you're a part of. To me, that’s the ultimate win-win. So, embark on your journey, follow your PATH, and discover the win-win that awaits you.

And of course, if you need help designing your Path to Freedom, no matter what Freedom means to you, I have some resources that can assist you. You can find these resources at

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