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The Most Smug Man Alive

The Most Smug Man Alive

Jul 22, 2021

I got up at 5.30 am this morning, made myself a coffee and headed up to the top floor of my accommodation to watch the sunrise...

Now when I say I now feel vastly superior to all of you peasants I couldn't mean it more. One day of early rising and I'm pretty sure I'm more wholesome than Mother Teresa. I have a level of undeserving smugness that is almost terrifying in it's vastness.

I feel like doing yoga on a mountain top whilst only consuming organic hemp.

Now why would a wild rock and roll musician such as I get up for the sunrise I hear you ask??

Well it's pretty simple actually - I knew I would love it - I knew it would make me feel good and I knew it would benefit my life.

So why don't I do it everyday???

Ah.... Now THAT is the right question


Anyone else get this feeling? Like they know what they should be doing but still manage to not do it.

It's not hard surely right?? Go to bed early, drink water more, eat vegetables

Yet we actively avoid it regularly.

I know that if I go to bed early and turn off Netflix I'll have a better day the next day yet I seem intent on f*cking up tomorrow for the sake of minor pleasure today.

If anyone has a magic solution for the above please do let me know!!

In the meantime I'm gonna see more sunrises.

Maybe that will give me the kick up the hole (butt/bottom for the non irish) that is required!

Sunrise Club

From now until the end of August (when I leave Cleveland) I'm gonna do 4 sunrises a week.

Those extra few hours in the morning I'm gonna use to create some content, write some more of these rambling essays and in general improve the quality of my life.

I will also use that time to finish off the last of my mega email load (down to the last 200!!!)

Have a great weekend


(p.s. I love how I've phrased getting up early in the morning as a life changing wild sacrifice that I'm making... the sunrise is about 6.10 am here at the minute - there are new parents reading this going "ha 6.10 is a lie in sonny come join the real world")

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