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Greetings from Amsterdam

Greetings from Amsterdam

Aug 29, 2023


I've just paid far too much for a terrible Starbucks coffee after queuing for far far far too long. I'm midway through a travel day and I've had f*ck all sleep and my next flight is severely delayed!!


Despite all this I'm absolutely buzzing.

I've just had one of the most amazing weeks onboard a cruise ship that I've ever had. I've been on the celebrity reflection and Big Mary came along for the ride and at one stage I performed to over a thousand people in the Grand Foyer in a night that I'll never forget. It was such a moment I'm still pinching myself thinking about it

I've put the photo below. It was honestly staggering and I feel so grateful to everyone who came out. I've never heard a noise like it. It has given me a real kick in the butt to work even harder and push even more for a lot of nights like this!

We had a thousand people in that room filling 6 floors (including some Scottish ladies who went up and down in the elevator for the entire concert just so they could see and listen!)

If you're one of the people who is here because of that night you're so welcome. If you've been here since the jump I appreciate you so much!!


I already can't wait to get back to more nights like this. I'm heading home determined to practice even more and work even harder on my craft. Wooooo what a feeling.

My next gig is on a Holland America ship in beautiful Norway (my favourite place ever) so I'm gonna get the head down and work work work so that we can recreate this magic!!

Hope everyone is thriving and living their best lives. Here's a clip from a billion dollar cruise ship!! Click the link it should open on YouTube.

Leave me a comment please!!

Nessun Dorma

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