New Release Sneak Peek & Fundraiser Upda ...

New Release Sneak Peek & Fundraiser Update

Sep 29, 2022

First off, thanks for the love and support! It means SO much to me. You have no idea! 🥰

Its very hard for me to put myself out here and ask for help. I've had some health issues this year that I've been blessed to discover and be put on a path of healing but it's has depleted my families savings and I wasn't able to create as much with the way I was feeling so my business account funds have depleted as well. Now I'm feeling more able to get back in my studio and create but won't be able to sell most of the silver I create since I will have to set it aside as inventory for the show. I am going to be posting mostly electroform for sale until after the show and I have a sale on my website to try and help with my goal of purchasing marketing materials. Unlike most of the local craft shows I've done in the past this will be in a major city with much more traffic my table and many other jewelry makers who will make it hard to stand out. I was told I would need a banner and I will need marketing materials to pass out and I am trying to raise funds for these items in a short amount of time.

Below I've posted a sneak peek of this week's electroform release. If you follow me in any of my social media accounts it would help tremendously if you could share the things I post this week to help me find people who may want to purchase my jewelry which will help me raise funds for the show.


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