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Stop lying to yourself...

Stop lying to yourself...

Dec 10, 2022

Stop lying to yourself.

You're scared.

You're scared that you won't be good enough. 

You're scared that people will see that you're trying rather than being. 

Being the end product, being the full ticket, being the finished article, being the Demi god you think you need to be, in order to be enough.

You are enough.

Think of the things you've done, the people you've helped become and what you know, what you can do and whom you've already become since the moment you first took your first breath.

You are enough.

You know stuff 

You can do stuff 

You have stuff 

You are stuff 

Focus on what you are, not on what you think you're missing.

For what you are, is reason enough not to be scared - because what you're scared of doesn't matter - because what you are is already enough, to achieve your hopes, your dreams and your aspirations.

Being brave starts with knowing, that what you have and whom you are, is already enough. 

And when you combine that with the acknowledgment that teamwork, working with those that have what you don't, but need what you have, makes the dream work - you'll breathe a sigh of relief and smile. 

Ask for help; it overcomes fear.


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